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Our newest addition to the Mljackie handwound pickups family:

The Nickel engraving Cover Humbucker line. Crafted with precision and passion, these pickups are designed to elevate your tone to new heights.

Featuring Alnico 5 bar magnets, our Nickel Cover Humbuckers deliver clarity, warmth, and dynamics. The neck pickup boasts a balanced 7.70k resistance, offering lush and articulate tones ideal for melodic passages and soulful solos. On the bridge, a powerful 14.70k resistance provides searing lead tones with punchy midrange and tight lows, perfect for cutting through the mix with authority.

With their versatile sound characteristics, our Nickel Cover Humbuckers excel in a variety of musical genres, from blues and rock to metal and beyond. Whether you're exploring smooth jazz progressions or unleashing blistering riffs, these pickups respond with clarity, definition, and expressive musicality.

Handwound with care and attention to detail, our Nickel Cover Humbuckers are the perfect choice for discerning musicians seeking premium tone and performance. Elevate your sound and unlock new sonic possibilities with Mljackie handwound pickups. Comes

with wooden box package

Neck and Bridge guitar Humbuckers , Engraved Nickel cover

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