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MLJACKIE Handmade Wooden Pickups, Developed and Made in Australia. The genesis of the MLJACKIE Handmade Wooden Pickups did not happen overnight, after 6 years of R&D we knew we were ready to enter the market and build our own line of wound pickup products. The team at Merko Custom Guitars have been artistically building and working with a broad range of wooden instruments such as Electric Guitars, Bass Guitars, Ukulele, Violin and the Electric Greek Bouzouki. It was a natural progression for us to start focusing our attention on electric pickups to help add our own unique flavour and sound to these instruments. So, what makes the MLJACKIE Handmade Wooden Pickups unique? Well, if you have not already guessed it, our bobbins are made of wood! Our pickups are professionally hand wound by our winding machine on-site, and along with our magnets, vulcanised fibre and plastics our pickups due to the wooden bobbins produce a beautiful earthly warm, rich and full tone that you cannot achieve with standard plastic bobbins. Because we make our MLJACKIE Handmade Wooden Pickups on-site, our customers have the extra advantage to choose from custom colours and designs that will further give your pride and joy it’s own unique look and sound.

MLJackie is very excited to soon be releasing our own line of handmade guitar pickups.

Merko has been working and collaborating with his mentor, the world-renowned guitar pickup specialist Kevin O’Brien to bring to the world as what can only be described as breathtaking sound and tone.

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