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Introducing the Mljackie "Apollo" Single Coil Pickup Set: Elevate Your Strat Style Guitar Experience

Unleash the sonic prowess of your Strat-style guitar with the Mljackie "Apollo" Single Coil Pickup Set. Crafted with precision and passion, the "Apollo" pickups combine timeless design with modern innovation to deliver a tone that inspires.

Each pickup in the set features a wooden bobbin construction, adding a touch of elegance and warmth to your instrument's aesthetic. The incorporation of Alnico 5 magnets ensures a balanced and responsive sound, capturing every nuance of your playing with clarity and definition.

With the "Apollo" set, versatility is at your fingertips. The neck pickup offers a smooth and velvety tone with a resistance of 6k, perfect for capturing lush chords and expressive melodies. The middle pickup, boasting a slightly higher 6.10k resistance, adds a touch of sparkle and presence to your sound, making it ideal for rhythmic strumming and lead lines. Finally, the bridge pickup delivers a punchy and dynamic tone with its 7.5k resistance, cutting through the mix with authority and clarity.

Each "Apollo" pickup is crafted with care to ensure optimal performance and reliability. Whether you're dialing in sweet blues licks, crunchy rock riffs, or soulful jazz lines, the Mljackie "Apollo" Single Coil Pickup Set offers a versatile palette of tones to suit any musical style or genre.

Experience the magic of the "Apollo" pickups and unlock new sonic possibilities with Mljackie. Elevate your playing and let your creativity soar with the Mljackie "Apollo" Single Coil Pickup Set.

Package includes:
Wooden box storage 
3x Single Coil Pickups cloth wires (Neck/Middle/Bridge)

Wooden handwound single coil pickups Apollo

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