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Welcome to MLJACKIE, where passion meets precision in crafting guitar pickups right here in Melbourne, Australia. As a proud member of the Australian Music Association, we are committed to upholding the highest standards in the music products sector. At MLJACKIE, we specialize in building guitar pickups using wooden bobbins sourced locally from Australia. Each pickup is meticulously crafted with attention to detail and a dedication to quality, ensuring that every musician can experience the richness and authenticity of Australian craftsmanship in their sound. Join us in celebrating the vibrant music industry of Australia and experience the difference of MLJACKIE guitar pickups – where innovation, artistry, and tradition come together to create music that resonates with soul.

Our Services: Guitar Setup and Maintenance: Achieve optimal playability and performance with our meticulous guitar setup services. From adjusting action and intonation to fret leveling and nut adjustments, we ensure that your instrument feels and sounds its best. Restoration and Repair: Restore vintage treasures or repair damaged guitars with our comprehensive restoration and repair services. Whether it's a broken headstock, cracked body, or electronics issue, our team is equipped to handle any challenge with skill and proficiency. Customization and Modifications: Unlock your guitar's full potential with our customization and modification services. From installing new pickups and electronics to customizing hardware and aesthetics, we empower you to create a truly unique instrument that reflects your style and personality.

 Craft melodies effortlessly with MLJackie's wooden melody tool, designed by our family business for everyone to enjoy.
Introducing the MLJackie Electric Greek Bouzouki: crafted with love and featuring handmade wooden bobbin pickups
 Experience MLJackie's handmade pickups, crafted with Alnico rod magnets for unique warmth and character.
 Master guitar setup with MLJackie's expert eBook from a trusted family business.
Experience the MLJackie Semi-Hollow Guitar, imported with our standards, offering rich sound and versatility for all.
Upgrade your guitar with MLJackie's custom wiring harness for improved sound and control, crafted by our family business.
Upgrade your guitar's style with MLJackie's suede dyed belt, a chic accessory by our family business.
Merko guitars

Our family business is expanding into other professional sectors. Our eldest son, George, will be undertaking a separate activity in the field of engraving, working with various materials such as gold, silver, copper, titanium, marble, stone, ceramic, plastic, fabric, glass, Guitar metal parts like Tele bridges, tune o matic tail piece , Tele knob plates, neck plate, Humbuckers engraving and many more. With the laser machines and expertise at our disposal, we can fulfill any desire you may have.

In our new online space called Thunder Beam Pro, will be available soon.

You will be able to visit and see photographs of various custom works.

Merko & Jackie Guitars

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